Static Air Pressure Drop:
Heat Exchange Data point:
35 Pa. @ 510 l/s
49oC entering air temperature
27oC leaving air temperature
26oC entering fluid temperature
32oC leaving fluid temperature
0.4 l/s fluid flowrate


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RadiantLink Coil:

copper tubes, aluminum fins, pressure tested to 2068 kPa, certified in accordance with ARI

RadiantLink Control Panel:
  • wet rotor pump with thermostat terminal strip & 120V power cord with plug
  • expansion tank
  • automatic air vent
  • pressure relief valve
  • system fill hose connection
  • RadiantLink coil threaded connections
  • threaded connections for radiant floor manifolds (manifolds & actuators not included)
  • painted galvanized sheet metal cabinet


RadiantLink Coil:
  • galvanized sheet metal coil cabinet with access panel & channels for support of AC coil
  • cut--outs for furnace inlet & supply air discharge by installing contractor
  • AC coil not included

RadiantLink Control Panel:
  • four zone controller
  • thermostat(s)
  • low voltage wiring not included

Limited Warranty

Embodied Systems Inc. warrants to the property owner that the RadiantLink System components shall be free from defective parts for a period of one year from the purchase date. Note that failure resulting from freezing of heat transfer fluid within the system or from improper installation or air-locking does not constitute a parts defect and is not covered by this warranty. Consequential damages are not covered by this warranty.

RadiantLink supplies radiant floor heating systems for in-floor heating. Radiant heat and radiant heating are terms describing in-floor heat. RadiantLink creates in floor heat by pumping heated water through tubes under the floor. In our unique design, the water for the radiant floor heating system is economically heated by the warm air created by your furnace. No boiler or other water heater required. Our radiant floor heating system is patented and proven in Canadian winters - the most economical option among all radiant floor heating systems.