RadiantLink in-floor heating was invented, tested and perfected by Western Canadian engineers working in a climate where reliability and energy efficiency are important during long, cold winters.

Today, RadiantLink's value is proven in prairie homes that are receiving cost-effective in-floor heating in Canada's demanding conditions.

   "Our new house basement was constructed as 'radiant ready' with in slab tubing in place. We had concerns with using our water heater as the heat source and a boiler was beyond our budget. RadiantLink was the logical choice for us."

"RadiantLink eff ectively heats my slab-on-grade solarium addition using my existing furnace."

"Now we use our basement all year round. The kids can play on the warm floor. It's simple and effective because RadiantLink just re-directs a small portion of our furnace heat to the basement floor."

RadiantLink supplies radiant floor heating systems for in-floor heating. Radiant heat and radiant heating are terms describing in-floor heat. RadiantLink creates in floor heat by pumping heated water through tubes under the floor. In our unique design, the water for the radiant floor heating system is economically heated by the warm air created by your furnace. No boiler or other water heater required. Our radiant floor heating system is patented and proven in Canadian winters - the most economical option among all radiant floor heating systems.