The newest innovation in modern homes.

Today's modern homes can how combine affordable in-floor radiant heating with traditional forced-air heating.

RadiantLink connects to your regular furnace and uses the furnace's warm forced air to provide heated liquid for typical, radiant in-floor piping.

This is the future for home comfort and value.

A warm basement floor

Imagine a warm basement floor! Suddenly, your basement becomes as cozy as the rest of your home. Think of the added full-value space this creates for your house.
  • Choose any flooring you like - linoleum and wood will be as cozy as carpet.
  • Even bare concrete will feel comfortable during cold winter months.
  • Your basement will become all-purpose - usable for bedrooms, children's play room, recreation or living space - as warm as any other level in the house.
Remember: furnace air rises, but in-floor heat is always in the floor.

In a standard basement or garage, the warmest air will be up at the ceiling, and the coolest air at floor level.

In-floor heating works right at the floor level, where children play, where your feet rest and where your pets sleep.

RadiantLink supplies radiant floor heating systems for in-floor heating. Radiant heat and radiant heating are terms describing in-floor heat. RadiantLink creates in floor heat by pumping heated water through tubes under the floor. In our unique design, the water for the radiant floor heating system is economically heated by the warm air created by your furnace. No boiler or other water heater required. Our radiant floor heating system is patented and proven in Canadian winters - the most economical option among all radiant floor heating systems.