Effective warmth for your basement floor and garage floor, too.

The piping for the in-slab radiant heating system is installed in your concrete floor slab or topping. Piping is laid quickly and easily when a concrete floor is being prepared.

Imagine RadiantLink providing in-floor heating for your garage.
  • Warmer floors for working.
  • No need for vehicles to idle while they warm up.
Efficient in winter ... and summer, too!

In winter, RadiantLink is thermostatically controlled to maintain comfort while minimizing operating time. And here's an added benefit: In the summer, RadiantLink can use your basement floor and the ground underneath as a geo-thermal cooling source to cool the supply air from your furnace!

RadiantLink is easy to install on any conventional forced-air furnace.

RadiantLink supplies radiant floor heating systems for in-floor heating. Radiant heat and radiant heating are terms describing in-floor heat. RadiantLink creates in floor heat by pumping heated water through tubes under the floor. In our unique design, the water for the radiant floor heating system is economically heated by the warm air created by your furnace. No boiler or other water heater required. Our radiant floor heating system is patented and proven in Canadian winters - the most economical option among all radiant floor heating systems.